Bird and Art 2011

Cardboard Sculpture by Miss G., created in late February 2011

You can certainly book this talented young artist. LOL


NEW--Watch the Working Process in a Video:
Above my workplace there's a webcam. I could never do some work,
if someone would stand with a camera behind me. It would simply destroy
the working atmosphere and I wouldn't do anything at all. The sneaky
webcam filming was the only way to get this video done.

Result after working over three days


Trying to believe

Who am I?
The taste of salt in my beak?
The breeze in my feathers and ears?
The only thing for sure:
This season is over, I have to go.

Who are we?
The angry crys at the beach?
Our desperately whimpering young?
I don't ask for fall...
But I know it's time to roam.

I know you!
Though I didn't count our years.
And if I make it through this winter,
there'll be another spring,
another summer,
and another bred.

These are not my exact words, just a trial to express my kind's feelings. Inspiration came here, but it's another topic and actually not a Magpie Tale. Little information: It is true that seagull couples part at the end of summer. But their relationships don't end and they come together again, as soon as winter is over. Isn't that touching?

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