Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Is Appropriate Adoption?

That other Sunday, we came to the church yard, my mom opened the 'dog-sedan-chair' to let me play on the lawn before service. A few women, also going to church, asked fool questions and ma explained I was an orphan and still disabled. While finally walking ahead towards the church, the nosiest of those women said to her stuffy pals, "But it shouldn't be, it's not okay." Ma didn't respond to that, but inside she was boiling lava for sure....

Gulls walk always upright -- humans sometimes don't.

After the service she opened my box again -- I felt like straightening my feathers and a bunch of nice churchgoers found it cute. Suddenly came an elderly 'Miss Marple' and asked fool questions. Her last question was, "But aren't these birds used to water?" Ma told her, I was afraid of water."* A man added, "She brought that gull up, it isn't used to the sea." Miss Marple silenced the friendly helper right away: "Don't you interfere!"
Suddenly I saw lightnings in ma's eyes and she told Miss Marple to "please let us alone". But Miss Marple insisted on obtruding more questions, thus ma's tone turned a little unfriendlier. Now Miss Marple made an awful fuss, insisting on being an animal as well and having feelings and all this on a church yard!**

Me and my adopter 17 years ago -- inappropriate mother-child relationship?

These women were actually killing me by judging: "A gull should never be a pet." In their eyes it is proper to catch and breed parrots, for people are used to that.*** Whereas the adoption of an orphaned and disabled herring gull confuses their ideology. Our mother-child relationship is "inappropriate". I don't have a right to exist. To them it would be better, my veterinarian had put me to death 17 years ago. Because my existence messes up their ideas of world and nature.

Isn't that selfish and just plain malicious?

Foot Notes:

* I am okay with the tub now, but at first I even didn't wanna go there. Frankly, the sea scares me a lot, because of the waves. Once we were at the sea, my mother thought I would have a lot of fun, but in fact I found it scary. She's still telling her friends laughing: "The first wave almost reached her feet and my gull looked puzzled. The second wave almost touched them and she looked down most appalled. The tip of the third wave touched her feet gently and she spread her wings and ran towards the dry sand."

** It was a church lawn and I loved it very much. By the way, ma had told Miss Marple this was my day and she (Miss Marple) was about to spoil my and mom's Sunday (St. Francis service for animals and humans). Which she did -- she really was a drag! By the way, she wasn't there with an animal.

*** Buying children, that had been caught somewhere, or taken away from their real parents, is strange parenthood. Although, if the relationship turns out to be good, it's alright. In my case it was real adoption, for I was an orphan. And adoption is absolutely normal in nature. Even human babies have been adopted by monkeys or wolves. My mother is a real mother. She didn't buy me, she didn't catch me -- I was terribly sick, had no parents and she adopted me. And that's natural -- period.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Am a Churchgoer

Guess what? I was in church, the Sunday after St. Francis, and met a bunch of Lutheran dogs. We are Catholic of course, but the dogs didn't target me at all. The sermon was on lion and lamb, peacefully together. So were the dogs and me, which really is a happy exegesis.

The girl likes seagulls, so I have to protect her privacy--Notice the dog under a chair

Yet, the dogs didn't get on the sanctuary stairs, where the press wanted to shoot a photo of me and the pastor! I'm sorry to admit to haven't got those photos -- don't even know which paper it was. At least I have photos with dogs and a girl.

There were at least a dozen dogs--here you just don't see them all

On St. Francis day I had been blessed with water and the pastor asked me, "Some more water?" He likes non-human people, as did St. Francis, and speaks to birds. The invitation to St. Francis day started with crying herring gulls on YouTube. Now, was this an invitation by God addressed to me?? According to the sermon I heard last Sunday, he loves the bird people as well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Fly to the Ball

In my usual dress of course................

It's just that I hope to get some dainty New England oysters at the very famous WILLOW MANOR BALL 2011. Therefore no politics today. ;)>

Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Is Outraging!

This is really outraging, so at first I have to give vent to my anger....

Miss G's battle cry -- Be Careful!
Don't turn the volume up to the maximum!

The gridlockers keep still gridlocking, but blame Obama for campaigning against gridlock.... It's pretty much the same with oysters: First you crack the shell, then you can eat the oyster. You wouldn't eat the oyster with shell, would you?

Your political bird-correspondent....
Miss G.