Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drop the Oyster!

How do herring gulls crack oysters and other tough shell-stuff — without any tool? We have a pretty neat way to get the job done — get it here....

Honestly our race's nutrition depends pretty much on human economy these days and civilization doesn't make us gulls smarter. Yet, forgetting our own old techniques (which are very much older than human civilization!) would be suicide. For human civilization has ups and downs. Whenever it's going down, we have to rely on our Stone Age techniques.

Crack shell-stuff: Forget those tools, you won't need 'em....

So, this is how we crack oysters, without any tool: You fly high up in the air and drop the shell-thing over a rock, street or sidewalk. That's how we gulls get the job done.

Your political bird-correspondent....
Miss G.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Many birds are great fans of the New York Seagulls, but as soon as the New Yorkers loose, they hate the Seagulls and prefer the Boston Herring Kickers.
§%#&ยต$, that's wrong!

Beakball was always one of my wildest obsessions!