Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got to Be Proper Before I Start Blogging....

Hello world, bird people as human people! This is a great moment in the North Eastern Seagull Colony's history: Our media project worldwide. You know, we have to get into politics in these obviously tough times. But before I go online, I have to look decently. So lets have a bath. Never seen a herring gull in a tub? Well, you might have heard, our race is sort of synanthropic species. So don't be too confused.

Your political correspondent as bathing queen

If you object, this obviously is my swimming pool, you're right --- of course not because of the tub's size, it's because of pretty me. Personally, I feel fine with it. You can swim around like in a harbor basin, except that it's safer and much more comfortable. But how long will we birds have this synanthropic luxury? That's what this new media project's all about...

Never seen a bathing canary?? Don't worry, the water was fairly well-tempered.

Stay tuned, come round 'n read me!
Your bathing queen and political correspondent....
Miss G.