Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Keep the Drinking Water Out of the Bird Sand

I am not happy with all our plastic stuff. Until a couple weeks Miss G drank out of a little glass bowl. On a weekend in April I had to go to the hospital. There I learned it wasn't just an infection, but a kidney stone was about to block and destroy one of my kidneys. I told them I first had to feed my bird, but they insisted on immediate surgery, which happened the same evening. The next morning I had to run out of them -- against doctor's orders, who was like, "I'm not supposed to know that." But she perfectly did understand my situation as bird mother.

My second surgery was on June 1, since they had inserted a stent. So I had a few weeks time to figure out Miss G's water supply. Our old water dispenser had been a problem for years : at times my 'seegal' isn't just drinking, playfully fooling around with that water. Her bird sand got wet and smelly. Installing the dispenser just outside of her place didn't solve the problem as well; then she spilled the water just on the kitchen floor. As you see on the photo, I found a solution, but it involves some more plastic. The dispenser is standing on the bottom of a little blue plastic basket -- inside sort of plastic tub. Since Miss G is often romping like crazy, I also had to fix the dispenser with screws, to keep it in place.

Frankly, I like the glass bowl much better and hate to see my gull drinking out of plastic stuff. But there's another issue : Since I had that nasty kidney stone, I'm afraid she might get that too. As I drink a lot of tap water over the day, I want her to have drinking water around the clock.

By the way, I obviously annihilated my kidney stone by drinking tap water like a fish. In June my doctors just took out the stent, wondering why they couldn't find the stone anymore. So my second surgery turned out to be a Sunday stroll.
P.S.: The post "You Just Found an Orphaned Seagull?" remains on top as lead article, until this year's seagull baby season will be over. There are emergency cases of orphaned seagull babies around the world and I want adopters to find this article at once.

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