Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Do Gulls Blog?

Mostly they don't. They don't even go online. Why should they anyway? There isn't anything to get for us 'seagals'........
The Miss G project started as a family blog for friends in early 2011. I was not to get via search engines and we hardly had clicks. We wanted it that way. My human adopter (you may say my mom, or human pet as well) was a little afraid I might become a media hype and mean strangers would peek into our innocent family life.... I guess we were a little naive and out of touch with the real media world.

Gotta little work to do....

In summer 2011 Congress gridlock and teaparty downgrade disturbed my mom so much, that she got overly politicized. I mean, we always had been liberals, as never entirely unpolitical. But this new development changed our entire life. Ma stopped her 30s film blogging on sweet&hot and started shooting on a new political blog: The Purgatorial Libertarian. The birth defect of this project: it started on WordPress and hardly got any clicks. So we came to the point where she decided the Miss G blog also had to go into political business. I even went to Barack Obama's blog and talked to the humans there. If Miss G was a potential media hype, it would be a great weapon for the political fight....

Okay, I'm done..... how about supper now?

Frankly, Miss G didn't do well in politics -- I wasn't even a media hype. Our only blog that still got plenty of clicks was my mom's old 30s project sweet&hot. In fall 2011 she decided to reactivate sweet&hot and occupy it herself for political purposes. I pretty much retired from the political business, as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did before.

Part of our political action had always been: fighting the bird-bigots and helping other gulls. The bird-bigots, who hate gulls and even want to kill them, are mainly on YouTube. So my mom started a Miss G channel on YouTube. There we suddenly met other seagull adopters. We were able to inform people who just found an injured and disabled gull. Suddenly Miss G made sense and we could do some good -- help a little to make this world a better place.

Today this Miss G blog mainly gets clicks from people who find us on YouTube. If they need information how to help, adopt and keep disabled gulls, they can really find the way to this blog. We feel this makes lots of sense, for you can inform much better via blog, than on YouTube.


  1. Sometimes you just have to keep pecking away to find something meaningful. I think it's great you are involved in helping people and birds, unite. : )

    1. Yes, and sometime you just need a cardboard thing to peck on.

      After it you feel free to really solve problems, fight the right-wingers and help the liberals and birds. :>)