Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miss G Is a Stephanie Miller Listener

She hears the Stephanie Miller show even if I'm not at home and likes it a lot. Stephanie is very lively, doing funny things, even imitates cat voices and seagulls like that. Miss G recognizes president Obama's voice too, but Steph is her favorite.

From today on, I will do the blogging here too. We kinda rotate as blogging editors from gull to mom of the gull. The mom is me, Clarissa, and I am today in charge. Some of the videos on our YouTube channel have been unlisted. They're now here on the Miss G blog. Please don't try to post to our YouTube channel, we won't hear it. YouTube is too visual and I don't like that. Photos and videos are nice, but text goes first. Too much visual stuff makes people stupid. Now they're changing the design and I hate it very much. There's even less text there. Stupid, blah!

In future we load up there at times, but won't list it over there and instead embed here on Miss G's. If you have questions or a suggestion, just drop by folks. You're welcome!


  1. Well, I hope to hear from Miss G now and then. She's one honest bird.

    I agree about the visual stuff.

    1. So I am an honest bird???
      I probably am......

  2. Hey, I think miss g recognizes "Crazy Train by Ozzie Osborne

  3. I think miss g likes " Crazy Train" by Ozzie Osborne