Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tribute to the Christmas Gulls

I don't wanna confuse you on Christmas Eve, but there is no 'Santa'. His real name was Saint Nicholas and he was wearing a bishop's hat instead of a garden goblin's cap. The Christmas Gulls don't wear hats at all, but it's basically their job to throw all the junk down the chimneys. At first it was supposed to be the Easter Bunnie's job, but as they can't fly, they had to yield to the Christmas Gulls.

Whatsoever, what are you guys doing with all the junk? I mean, you get that junk every year and as far as I've seen, the closets and cupboards are full. Living with humans is like residing on a garbage dump.


  1. "lazy elephantes..." Falalalalala. As my pal and I were driving around looking at Christmas lights, I actually got depressed. There was the manger, along with giant penguins, and there was a star, along with singing snowmen. People mean well, and people are good, for the most part. But, it's just a mess of a time, in my opinion.

  2. "Falalalala?" Oh, I forget to involve that one. :>(

    The snowmen were singing? And did the penguins dance to the music? They actually look like tap dancers, since they kinda wear tailcoats.